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Tri-Valley Real Estate Market Report

Consumer confidence is still soaring, and buyers continue to push aside concerns regarding recent financial market volatility, federal tax law changes affecting Bay Area homeowners, and interest rate increases, to fuel strong markets throughout the Tri-Valley area. In Q1 2018, the Tri-Valley median house sales price of $939,500 was 7.3% above the Q1 2017 price …

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Bay Area Real Estate Market Cycles

Out of recession comes recovery; recovery builds into market over-exuberance; over-exuberance leads to negative adjustment; negative adjustment sparks recession. Begin again. The scale, length and triggers of each part of different financial and real estate cycles can vary dramatically, but the stages and their sequence tend to be quite similar. NOTE: This is a condensed version of […]

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Diablo Valley & Lamorinda Real Estate Market Report

So far in 2018, the market seems to have mostly brushed aside concerns about increasing home prices, rising interest rates, stock market volatility and new federal tax law changes. It is still too early to come to definitive conclusions about where the year is going, but right now, in most market segments, buyer demand remains …

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