November 14, 2017

Diablo Valley & Lamorinda Home Prices & Market Trends

November 14, 2017

Diablo Valley & Lamorinda Home Prices & Market Trends

Median Home Price Appreciation Trends

Average Dollar per Square Foot Values

Market Overviews

Luxury Home Sales

Market Statistics by City

Median House Price Appreciation Rates since 2011

Percentage of Listings Accepting Offers

The higher the percentage the hotter the demand.

Average Days on Market

Generally speaking, the fewer the days on market, the stronger the demand.

Seasonality & Real Estate Market

Advantages to buying during the mid-November to mid-January slowdown

Just before Thanksgiving the market begins to rapidly subside until starting to revive about 7-8 weeks later. Many buyers simply check out during this period, but there are good reasons for staying engaged – mainly the possibility of getting a much better deal. Starting in late summer, sellers begin reducing prices in large numbers as they try to capture the attention of buyers before the big slowdown: Buyers should treat these as brand new listings and take a new look. Competition between buyers drops dramatically during the mid-winter period, and since competitive bidding is the biggest single factor behind higher prices, its decline can mean significant savings. Fewer buyers also mean that sellers are often more willing to negotiate: Throw offers in at whatever price you feel is right and see where they go. It is true that the number of new listings coming on markets plunges, but there are still hundreds of listings to consider for those willing to stay in the game.

Annual Home Price Appreciation Trends by City

There are dozens of other analyses specific to the Diablo Valley and Lamorinda real estate markets in the reports further below.

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