I would love some idea of what I can sell my home for…

The Realtor You List Your Home With Does Make A Difference

In one of the largest, most complicated financial transactions of your life, what exactly does a good real estate agent do? Many sellers don’t realize the nuances that contribute to gaining the highest price possible when selling their home. Unfortunately, these nuances are lost on many Realtors as well! Too often, Sellers hire a Realtor because they’re a friend or they’ve received a postcard in the mail. The reality is Sellers are leaving money on the table if they do not hire someone who is skilled in the most important things an Agent must do: generate showings, generate offers and negotiate the highest possible price.


  • Cares more about your priorities and goals than their commission
  • Negotiates effectively and, at your instruction, aggressively to achieve the best possible price and terms
  • Tells you the truth – positives, negatives, upsides and downsides
  • Gives you the time and attention you need
  • Offers qualified professional resources
  • Knows the market in your geographic area – its values, market trends, neighborhoods and agents
  • Markets the heck out of your property with the best possible photography, marketing materials, advertisements and presentation during showings


When buyers troll the internet what will make them stop and gaze longer at your property?

A picture might mean a thousand words, but in real estate a picture needs to evoke a thousand emotions. I help bring together staging, photography, beautiful printed materials and a website built just for your home. These are all ways to make that initial connection with your buyer. For me, selling your home means making a perfect stranger fall in love with it for all the right reasons for them…


After generating showings with pitch perfect pricing and presentation, I create urgency and spur agents and buyers to move forward with writing an offer. Then it’s up to my negotiation skills to help you attain the highest possible price in addition to the best terms for your sale.

Not ready to reach out, but curious to see what your home might sell for? Fill out the short form to the right and I’ll be happy to assist.

Tell me as much as you can about your property. Any renovations you’ve done, landscaping, pool, guest house, etc. Tell me anything you would want me to share with a potential buyer to increase the value of your home in a buyer’s eyes. Anything at all that makes your property unique or special. If the property needs work, or is in original condition – that’s okay – tell me that as well!

What can I sell my home for?
What can I sell my home for?
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